The Ruby (and Rails) IDE that I miss

Published on Jan 02, 2008

I keep searching for the right IDE for my Ruby and Ruby on Rails adventures. I keep changing and playing around with the ones I had and lately I keep using NetBeans 6.0.

Yesterday I decide to try again and after looking at The usual suspects, I found one that I missed always before, it’s the Eclipse for Rails. It’s not an extension but a pre-package Eclipse with some extensions configured in a way that make it Rails ready. You can find it at

I haven’t really try it yet, but a first impression is very favorable. The package even include the Subclipse plugin to connect to a subversion repository. The SQLPlugin to been able to open a database and create, view, edit tables right there.

In the site they even have instructions on how you can build the environment on your own from scratch downloading Eclipse and the necessary plug ins.

I will try it for my next Ruby project, that I need to start in a day or two and blog a little more about it.