Our Kanban board went up today.

Published on Dec 16, 2008

We have been looking forward to implement Kanban for a while and after a few delays we put the board up today.
We decided to define our pipeline using five columns:

  • Backlog (queue)
  • Analysis (queue)
  • Developmen (Divided in eight pipelines, one for each developer)
  • Testing (Divided in four pipelines)
  • QA ?> Testing done by our QA guy
  • Client 1 ?> The client does the testing (2 pipelines)
  • Development ?> Development does internal testing
  • Done ?> also knows as complete or delivered.

We presented this idea to one of our internal clients a week ago and they are on board.
Now the challenge is to make the process work and make sure that we look into what is working and what?s not and we make adjustments as needed.

We are now planning a lunch and learn to the rest of the company to bring every body on board. We are very exited about this one.

The board is in one end of the room visible by everybody.