Sharp Architecture project template in a machine without ASP.NET MVC Beta installed

Published on Dec 20, 2008

In my machine at work I can’t install ASP.NET MVC (it installs but fails to install the project templates, I don’t know why and I haven’t had time to look into it). When I installed Sharp Architecture everything went well, but running the project template yields and error. I was doing this at a Starbuck’s, trying to build a proof of concept and was a bit frustrating. I was sure that the culprit was related to the error I had installing MVC.

Last night I run across a thread entitled Removed dependency on installed ASP.NET MVC Beta on the Sharp Architecture discussion group.

In this thread there is a reference to a post by Kyle Baley where he mentions the same problem, Billy McCafferty notes that the reference to the MVC templates have been removed on the trunk.

Kyle’s post mentions a few alternative solutions and further down the thread there is a discussion about losing the item templates for the MVC project and Replacing them with ReSharper templates.

I will suggest just that you can also use Visual Studio Item Templates, creating them yourself in case you don’t have ReSharper. You can see an example on building this item templates in this old post of mine Nant build scripts template for Visual Studio.