JSLint for Visual Studio, Kew a new .Net language and other interesting stuff found on Codeplex

Published on Feb 02, 2009

If you do any Js development at all you may want to consider installing this add in for Visual Studio that brings JSLint to the IDE.

If you are still doing asp.net web forms development you may consider to download this XHTML compliant templates to clean up your code.

ESENT is an embedded database that is part of Windows, this library is a managed interface to ESENT.

If you need to DUMP a database as Insert statements GetMsSqlDump is the tool you are looking for.

Kew now named Rokyt is a new object oriented based on closures language, the syntax is very simple and looks really good.

If you need to do a backup of your SVN repository, SVN Backup is a nice little tool to do so in just one line.

ValidationAspects is an AOP framework to perform validation on objects, methods and parameters by contract, you can use attributes or augment the code programmatically.

If Kew (sorry Rokyt), is not our cup of tea, take a look at this Lisp based scripting language for the CLR, Yarr. The home page claims to be a good starting point to build DSL’s.

SQLInstaller a toolset to assist with deployment of database related projects.