Integrate Visual Studio with TortoiseSVN for free.

Published on Feb 14, 2009

We all know that VisualSVN is a really good plug-in to integrate with Subversion from inside Visual Studio. The free plug-in alternative is Ankhsvn.

Now there is another choice and is a set of configuration options to access TortoiseSVN from inside Visual Studio. The set of configurations provide a tools menus, context menu, and menu bar.

The following Subversion/TortoiseSVN features are covered in the integration:

  • Commit – Commit the files to the repository
  • Update – Update the current working version
  • History – Get the history for the selected file
  • Diff – Get the diff compared to the base version
  • Blame – Find out who committed the crimes in the file
  • Revert – Undo local changes
  • Modifications – Check to see if any files have been modified
  • Edit Conflicts – Edit the conflicts that arise from merging/updating
  • Resolve – Mark the file as resolved for conflicts
  • Repository – View the repository on the server
  • Project History – Get the history of the entire project
  • Add Solution – Add the solution being edited to source control
  • Branch/Tag – Perform a branch or tag on the current working copy
  • Settings – Set up TortoiseSVN

The menu bar uses the right logos and everything works very well. The only missing piece is marking the files with a little icon the way that Ankhsvn or VisualSVN do.

The true is that this set of configurations was easy to install and provides all the functionality you will ever need. I recently use them in my old laptop to commit from inside Visual Studio into Google code and I’m very pleased with the way it works.