The Herding Code - NHibernate performance podcast

Published on Mar 16, 2009

Today I have the pleasure to listen to a really good episode of The Herding Code. The episode title was NHibernate performance. In the episode Ayende, David Penton and Ben Scheirman talked about NHibernate and the performance of the tool when compared with writing SQL directly to the database and other scenarios.

David Penton is a DBA and he was looking at NHibernate from that perspective and he made some points about why he is doubtful of some of the claim made from the NHibernate team (or any ORM for that matter).

Ayende and Ben were able to answer most questions and offer solutions. In some cases they promise to look into the specifics and come back to him with an answer.

What I liked about the episode, was the intelligent conversion. How people that not necessarily agree can sit together and talk and collaborate to make the tools and technology better.

David offered his assistance to look over queries generated by NHibernate in some situations that may not be optimal and help to improve the tool. Ayende accepted the help and thanked David for the offering.

I applaud (as an NHibernate user and as a technologist in general) this attitude. These are the things that will make the community better.