Bullet points post.

Published on Apr 21, 2009
  • Common List E-book (free online).
  • OpenDBDiff
  • The latest release was a month ago and is looking really good. I plan to give it a try later this week or next week.
  • Ioke
  • Now runs on the CLR. Ola Bini has also a few posts about writing the implementation in C# and F#. Ioke is a very interesting young language and Ola have been posting about the decision made and the though process behind the design of it.
  • NRegex and Ioke.Math

As a side effect of implementing Ioke on the CLR, Ola Bini created NRegex. According to the author NRegex is:
“a perl5.6 compatible regular expression engine. It supports named groups, is thread safe, supports look ahead and look behind, and is compliant with level 1 of Unicode Regular Expression Guidelines.”

Thanks, Ola. To download NRegex just download Ioke and you will find the NRegex.dll in the bin folder or get the source code from the Git repository.
Bini also implemented BigNumbers and other nice types in the Ioke.Math library.

“One thing that really surprised me about .NET was that there is still no support for arbitrary precision math – neither big nums nor big decimals. I ended up implementing that myself, so now there is at least one open source library with liberal license that people can use.”