Continuous Improvement- my list of books for the next little while.

Published on Feb 17, 2010

Yesterday I received another box of books from with 6 more books in it. After taking them out and putting them down into my already filled shelves I sat down and look at the pile of books. 17 computer books in all that I haven’t started or haven’t finished.

I decided that it was time to make a list and put some kind of priority/order on the reading ahead.
So here it goes, this is the list (in order for now) of books that I plan to read in the next 6-9 months.

Computer programming and methodology

Agile Retrospectives: Making good teams great (in progress
Finished) (BTW: I just found this presentation from the authors at Google)
Growing object-oriented software guided by test (in progress)
User stories applied.
Testing ASP.NET Web applications.
Debug it!
Ship it!
IronPython in Action (finish this one. It’s a great book. I’m just busy)
Beginning Scala.

[The order after this one is just tentative]

Designing the obvious.
C.O.D.E The hidden language of computer software and hardware (in progress — fantastic book, geeky, deep and incredible well written)
Designing the moment.
Expert F#.
Release it!
DSLs in Boo.
Web application hackers handbook. (probably need to read this sooner)
Agile principles, patterns and practices in c#.
ASP.NET MVC framework unleashed.
Foundation Expression Blend 3 with Silverlight. (Need to finish this one, but since Silverlight 4 is coming I may just wait).

General reading.

Brain rules.
Once more around the park.
The boys of summer.

I will try to keep this list updated (I make no promise though) and post a brief review of the books that I like the most.