Node module to access the Bitbucket Api

Published on Sep 03, 2012

I’m working on a side project at the moment and I’m hosting the code on BitBucket. I needed a way to access the API with node and I though that It was a nice exercise to write a simple module to do so.

At the moment it covers issues and all related objects (components, milestones, versions and comments).

You can also get a list or a single repository for the logged in user.

The Api is in flux and you should expect changes coming in the future.

Almost complete docs in the README file


I will be adding access to the rest of the API in the next weeks as well as finish the documentation and stabilize parts of the API a bit more.

I want to add better error messages and provide better error checking when working with some of the more complex objects (Ex: Issues).

I may also implement OAuth but that is not really one of my main priorities at the moment.