Learning JavaScript Design Patterns by Addy Osmani.

Published on Sep 27, 2012

Disclaimer: I got this book as part of the bloggers review program at O’Reilly.

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I like to think about this book as 3 books in one. The first 8 chapters are dedicated to explore and explain patterns, their creation process. their utility and an insight into the pattern community.

The design patterns exploration start on chapter 9 while dedicating chapter 10 exclusively to the different flavors of Model View patterns.

If the book was only that I will be very happy, but (like in a Sunday morning infomercial, there is more!)

Chapter 11 is an in depth discussion of the different modules systems in use today, with an special emphasis on AMD

It depends on your knowledge of module systems, but even if you use them you may find some nuggets of information in there. I did.

Finally, the next two chapters are dedicated to design patterns in jQuery itself and exploring some of the patterns used for jQuery plug-in design.

You may find this last two chapters redundant but I think that the inclusion in the book is very wise, specially with how ubiquitous jQuery is today.


I would add this book to a recommended reading list for any programmer that want to write good and modern JavaScript code.

Addy Osmani manage to write a very entertaining book packed with (what I think) is very relevant content on todays development.

Absolutely recommended.

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