Node Bitbucket now includes access to sources.

Published on Oct 15, 2012

A few hours ago I pushed version 0.0.3 of the bitbucket-api node.js module to npm.

In the new version I added access to the src end point via the sources(path, revision) method.

This method gives you access to the src resources .

These resources allow you to get access to information about files and directories in the repository as well as raw content from a file or folder structure.


  repo.sources('/package.json').info(function (err, result) {
    //get access to the info for the package.json file

  repo.sources('/').info(function (err, result) {
    //get access to the info for the root folder

  repo.sources('/package.json').raw(function (err, result) {
    //gets the content of the package.json file

  repo.sources('/').raw(function (err, result) {
    //gets the content (as a string) of the root folder.

Instance methods

All callbacks follow the standard node signature cb(err, result).


The result is a literal with the data returned by the API.


The result contains a data and a lines properties.

This only works for text files, binary files will return a 500 status code. //Contains a string with the file raw content
  obj.lines //Contains an array with the string split by '\n' characters.

In case of an error parsing the data at the moment we return a result with this form.

    success: false,
    status: 500     //Or other HTTP status code

This API will change in the next release and the module will use the err object to return any and all errors.