tmux, productive mouse-free development - book review.

Published on Nov 05, 2012

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Two weeks ago The Pragmatic Bookshelf had an offer on shell related books.
I had my eyes on two of the books included in the offer for a while. The tmux and the Vim books. Combine the offer with a long bus trip ahead or me to New York city and the time was right to go ahead and increase my library.

If you spend any time in the shell of a *nix system you likely have tried multiple ways to increase productivity.

After reading the book and implementing only a few of the things in it I already started to see a significant improvement.

The book is well written, packed with information and very easy to follow.

If you are not already using tmux or if you struggle with it and don’t get into building custom configurations I highly recommend you get yourself a copy, spend a day or two with it and you will be happy you did.