Some interesting looking CodePlex projects

Published on Jul 25, 2008
  • Extension Methods Extravaganza: A collection of some extension methods. You can find extension to the object the ICollection, IEnumerable, IList, String and StringBuilder. I specially like the StringBuilder and IList methods. I know I will be able to make good use of them.
  • Reflector AddIns: The always useful Reflector gains power in a level of magnitude with this collection of AddIns. Special attention to Diff, FileDisassembler, ClassView, CodeModelViewer, CodeSearch and Deblector (allows to debug processes within Reflector).
  • ProMesh MVC Framework: I saw this framework for the first time six or seven month ago and I was impressed. Later on the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC got my full attention and kind of forgot about this one. Take a look at it, there are some interesting ideas on it.
  • CoolStorage.NET: It’s a lightweight ORM framework very easy to use. I haven’t use it in production yet but I played around with it and the learning curve is non existent, it comes with a very well written and detailed manual. ···Thinks you may like: No XML configuration required at all (I personally don’t mind mapping files but I know that a lot of developers do.)···Thinks you may not like: All entities need to inherit from a base class. Entities expose methods like New(), Read(), Filter(), Save() etc.
  • LazyParser From the same Philippe Leybaertfather of ProMesh and CoolStorage. An expression parser with support for C# syntax, very powerful.
  • Utilities.NET From James Newton-King a complete set of utilities that you should have in your bag of tricks.
  • Json.NETAgain from James Newton-King the bare bones for my REST services libraries.

More to come in a future post…