The dynamic programmer

The road to Web UI components.

A personal interpretation of our need for UI components in web development and the story so far.

Taking HyperTerm for a ride.

HyperTerm, the hackable terminal, another tool running on top of electron.

On dependency injection, service locator and module loaders.

A quick note about the differences after hearing this terms confused multiple times in the same week.

Testing auth bearer headers with nock.

A bit tricker but not impossible.

Switching from Jekyll to Metalsmith.

After 6 years of Jekyll it was time to switch.

Mix doesn't run migrations.

The mix task doesn't run the migration as mix test does.

Phoenix models automatically adding tracking fields.

Ecto (or Phoenix) automatically add created and update field to your models.

Notes while playing with Elixir.

A series of notes while I play (once again) with Elixir.

Adding a logo to ReactBootstrap NavBar.

Use the brand attribute.

The DevOps trap, we should all embrace DevOps.

DevOps and the benefits that spawn from it are undeniable, but I'm worry we (the industry) is pushing it in the wrong way.

Distro transports plug-ins.

I moved support for Redis into another module to exercise the transport plug-in API.

A complete overhaul and tones of improvements on Distro.

From added support to Redis as a transport to bug fixes and various improvements in the API and over all usage experience.

Calculating distance and speed with the GeoLocation API - PhoneGap (Part 9).

We will be making some changes on the application to calculate traveled distance and speed based on duration and the distance between to sets of coordinates.

Deleting files with PhoneGap (Part 8).

On our application we are uploading files to a server, we need to delete the files from the device once we are done..

Displaying current and max speed with PhoneGap and Ionic (Part 7).

I want to display the current and maximun speed of the current session on the home page.

A few different ways to improve user feedback in our Ionic application (Part 6).

Showing upload progress, adding a navigation bar button and improving the user experience.

Adding TCP support to Distro.

The first version only supported UDP time to add TCP.

Ionic new serve task.

Improves your development cycle.

Uploading files with PhoneGap and Angular (Part 5).

We will upload the information we recorded in Part 3 into a service.

PhoneGap errorCode 1 on FileTransfer upload.

The solution (a solution) for the error code 1 when using the FileTransfer object.

Rake task arguments are not hashes.

Hope this may save some time to somebody out there.

Mac OSX windows managers, BetterSnapTool and Slate.

Because a good set of tools should help you to be more productive.

MongoDB applied design patterns book review.

The books should be mandatory read for any developer that's planning to use MongoDB and is coming from a more traditional background.

Refactoring the js code structure PhoneGap and Angular (Part 4).

We are refactoring the code to make sure the services, controllers and directives are well facored.

Recording Geo location data with PhoneGap and Angular (Part 3).

We will be writing our Angular services that encapsulate some of PhoneGap API's.
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