Uskhay a web framework and a programming exercise.

Published on Nov 22, 2008

I will try to create a simple CMS framework on top of the ASP.Net MVC. This will be mostly an exercise, something that I feel I need to try to see how it works. Some of the goals:

  • The framework will be extensible but opinionated.
  • The views need to be composite and the markup created by the designer should be very simple with minimum or no code at all.
  • The framework needs to provide a centralize Exception handler mechanism.
  • Multiple sites in one install.
  • Partial views should use a common interface (IViewModule?) so we can provide a modular architecture.
  • Easy to template by a designer, easy to skin by a designer.
  • HTML and CSS standards compliance friendly.

In line administration are fully backend integrated to the site.

  • Testability is paramount, and the framework should come with a good set of unit test as part of the release.
  • Been able to run the test from inside the framework, so install can diagnose problems.

I will be posting more about this and some code as soon as I have something put together.