Chrome doesn't like the feed scheme

Published on Jan 08, 2009

A coworker uses Google Chrome as her primary browser and she sent me and email about my feeds not working. So I went to her computer and yes, inside Chrome when clicked the Icon on the top of the blog nothing happened. I remembered that I enable the feed:// scheme in my blog engine (this way if you have a Feed reader it will be picked up) and most browsers (IE, Firefox) will also pick this up.

But nothing happened, so I have to disable it. We all know about the lack of support for feeds inside Chrome, so I did a quick search and I found this document where they describe how they are going to support Feed discovering and subscription inside in the future.

You can tell from the document that it’s still a work in progress, (lot of TODO‘s in it) lets hope they go to work on it soon. So far Chrome is my browser for web apps as I posted before, but for real world browsing I still use my faithful Firefox with my favorite extensions.