Codemash, IronRuby and .Net a match made in heaven.

Published on Jan 13, 2011

Presenter: Amir Barylko

Good presentation from Amir on how to leverage IronRuby to make your life as a .net programming easier.

The talk started with a few questions to the audience on why to bother to use IronRuby while in the .net world.

  • Make your toolbox grow!
  • The right tool for the job.
  • Not a replacement.
  • Combine strengths.
  • Problem solving.

He followed by a brief introduction to Ruby that helped the audience to follow along the demos.


Using RSpec to test a C# class.
Adding the Enumerable mixin into a C# class. (This demo rise expressions of “Wow!” and “Really cool!”)
A demonstration of method missing on a C# class.
Showing Sinatra to create a simple web application. During this demo he also made the library used in the previous examples a Singleton mixin the Singleton module. (more Wows)
BDD with Cucumber.