The dynamic programmer

MongoDB applied design patterns book review.

The books should be mandatory read for any developer that's planning to use MongoDB and is coming from a more traditional background.

Ajax Hacks

I really like the Hacks series form O'Reilly, these are very simple references books. They present a problem and a solution in the form of quick articles and they are usually based on common issues for that technology.

iOS 7 Programming Cookbook

You will be able to work on your first iOS application with this book alone.

Effective Akka (book review)

Much more than a book on Akka.

Test driven infrastructure with Chef (2nd edition)

A good book to get your feet wet on the world of Chef and infrastructure as code.

Functional JavaScript book review

A great book to get into functional programming, JavaScript or both.

Microinteractions - book review

Microinteractions are all those little things we deal with in a daily basic. Every piece of software and hardware have a good number of them. You should read the book if you want to understand how to make your users life significantly better.

Opa up and running - book review.

Opa is a new intriguing language and framework for web development. This book will help you to make the most of it very fast.

Effective monitoring and alerting - book review.

A book clearly intended for the ops and devops out there.

Windows PowerShell Cookbook - book review.

A great reference for automate everything on your Windows machine.

Jump start CoffeeScript - book review.

An incredible entertaining way to learn CoffeeScript.

Web, Cloud and Mobile solutions with F# - book review.

A very well written book that will instill the need to write some F# code.

ClojureScript up and running - book review.

A short book with enough information to get you going with this flavor of Clojure that trans-piles into JavaScript.

Async in c# 5 - book review.

A good overview of asynchronous programming in c# 5 with the help of the new async and await keywords.

tmux, productive mouse-free development - book review.

A short book packed with information that will make you more productive in little to no time.

Super Scratch programming adventure by The LEAD Project.

A very entertaining book to introduce young kids to programming.

Learning JavaScript Design Patterns by Addy Osmani.

Great book to learn about Patterns in general and how to write modern JavaScript that will result in more maintainable programs.

Programming Computing Vision with Python by Jan Erik Solem.

A fairly in depth book that is better read with a computer open beside you to follow along.

Resource Oriented Computing with NetKernel by Tom Geudens.

An entertainment book in a very different approach to programming.

Building web applications with Erlang by Zachary Kessin.

As the subtitle says, this book will show you how to use the Yaws web server to build web application in Erlang.

Gamification by design by Gabe Zichermann and Christopher Cunningham.

If you are looking to add some game mechanics to your next project you need this book.

20 recipes for programming Phone Gap by Jamie Munro.

A good book to get you up and running with Phone Gap and JQuery mobile.

What is Dart? by Kathy Walrath and Seth Ladd.

Published by O'Reilly this very short book attempt to explain what is Dart and why you may want to use it.

Mobile design pattern gallery by Theresa Neil, book review

UI patterns for iOs, Android and other mobile devices by Theresa Neil.

Responsive web design, book review.

Responsive Web Design is more than a buzzword, is almost a necessity for any site that wants to reach the mobile and tablet market.

MongoDb and Scaling MongoDb, two book reviews in one.

If you do anything with MongoDb this two books are a must have in your library.

Book review - Introducing HTML 5.

Introducing HTML 5 by Bruce Lawson and Remy Sharp is one of those books that I would recommend to any web developer out there.

Metaprogramming ruby, book review.

This is one of the best books I read this year. What can be a fairly complicate subject, explained in such a way that make for a good and very entertainned reading.

A list of books for my team.

Today I started to put together a list of books that I will like my team to read. The list started to grow so I have to do some triage. Here is the result.

Designing the obvious, book review.

I just finished reading Designing the obvious by Robert Hoekman, Jr. This is a book about how to design good web applications. The subtitle, a common sense approach to web application design, it's also a good synopsis.

Book review- User Stories Applied- For Agile Software Development by Mike Cohn

I pick up the book with a lot of interesting an enthusiasm. My goals were to learn techniques and proper ways to write down user stories, improve my estimation techniques and been able to apply some of those techniques back at work.

Book review - Agile Retrospectives; Making good teams great.

This is a very short book on a great practice for any agile team. The book walk you through a lot of techniques an exercises that will help you and your team to have successful retrospectives.

Continuous Improvement- my list of books for the next little while.

Yesterday I received another box of books from with 6 more books in it. After taking them out and putting them down into my already filled shelves I sat down and look at the pile of books. 17 computer books in all.

ASP.NET Mvc in Action. Book review

Some time ago I wrote a first impressions about ASP.NET MVC in Action from Manning. It was after downloading an reading a few chapters available via the Manning early access program (MEAP).

Pragmatic Thinking and Learning book review.

The tag line of the book is refactor your wetware, and after reading it, you will. Andy Hunt explores how the brain works and try to point us (the readers) into ways to improve our use of it.

The Passionate Programmer - Book review.

On Saturday I pick it up from the post office and next day I was sitting in the backyard going through the pages while preparing a BBQ.

Bullet points post.

Common List E-book (free online) Apparently you can also download it from the Apress website's book page but the link was down for maintenance when I tried.

NHibernate in Action, First impressions

I got the book NHibernate in Action a few months ago via the MEAP program. Finally I was able to put my hands in the print version a few weeks ago. I have been reading it mostly in the subway during my commute. I'm very excited about it.

ASP.NET MVC in Action, first impressions.

I got a copy of the MEAP edition for ASP.NET MVC in Action. This is the book on the (new?) ASP.NET MVC framework written by Jeffrey Palermo, Ben Scheirman, and Jimmy Bogard.

DSL book from Martin Fowler

If you into DSL's (Domain Specific Languages) or are interested on them, take a look at this DSL book, work in progress by Martin Fowler.

Reading a book and sharing with your pairs.

A month ago or so I found a mention to the Toronto Patterns Study Interest Group in the Toronto XP list. I made contact with them and I was reading the Clean Code book in no time. I have ben to two meetings so far and I can't be any happier.

Architecture by Baseball

I just came across this series of posts, Architecture by Baseball.This series seems to be writting for me. I'm a baseball fanatic and I use techniques borrowed from baseball to manage my teams.If you are in a Team lead position or doing some arch...

A nice little Ruby book

If you are learning Ruby or if you just wander what is all of that about there are a few free online books that you should jump into. Mr. Neighborly's Humble Little Ruby Book is a free e-book from the guys at