The dynamic programmer

CSS considerations with widget development.

When building widgets that be embedded on third party pages, JavaScript is not the only consideration or even the most important. CSS clashes are as important.

On web fonts, bold and the iPad

When using web fonts make sure to choose the right weight or be ready to see double on the iPad.

A walk through the redesign process (and evolution) of the site.

What it took me (a programmer), to redesign the site and incorporate some responsive elements.

Typographic site design, The wayward irregular.

I decided to start a series showcasing some sites based on the use of typography. Not sure how regular (or irregular) the series will be.

Recap of FITC Toronto 2012.

This was my first FITC and hopefully won't be the last.

Mobile design pattern gallery by Theresa Neil, book review

UI patterns for iOs, Android and other mobile devices by Theresa Neil.

Responsive web design, book review.

Responsive Web Design is more than a buzzword, is almost a necessity for any site that wants to reach the mobile and tablet market.