The dynamic programmer

Notes while playing with Elixir.

A series of notes while I play (once again) with Elixir.

Functional arrays. (Learning Erlang 11)

The array module is part of the Erlang STLIB. They work a bit differently that you would expect.

Records. (Learning Erlang 10)

We already saw Tuples and lists in Erlang, time to check on records and how we can use them to structure the data in our programs.

String manipulation in Erlang. (Learning Erlang 9)

Strings in Erlang are represented as a list of characters, but don't despair the String module is here to help you with all your string manipulation needs.

The file module (part 2). (Learning Erlang 8)

The last time we explored the functions of this modules that can be used to dynamically executed Erlang code. This time we will look at more common file operations like opening, reading or writing.

Playing with the file module (part 1). (Learning Erlang 7)

After some time playing with Dart is time to come back to Erlang. This time I will explore the functions in the file module that allow to dynamically execute code from files.

Playing with recursion, (Learning Erlang 6).

Tail and body recursive functions are at the heart of every Erlang program.

Module attributes and compilation (Learning Erlang 5).

There are a myriad of directives you can use in your Erlang modules, even define your owns.

Modules and functions, Erlang building blocks (Learning Erlang 4).

Erlang code is divided in modules. Each module contains attributes and functions. Modules (and functions) are the building blocks of any program in Erlang.

Variables, comparisons and dynamic typing. (Learning Erlang 3)

Variables are immutables. Comparison can be performed between any type. Typing is dynamic and some data conversion is performed.

Heads and tails, working with lists. (Learning Erlang 2)

In almost any language working with lists or data is a fundamental part of programming. Let's see how lists work in Erlang and some of the tools we have to work with them.

Learning Erlang.

5 or 6 years ago I started to learn Erlang for the first time. I read a book, follow an online tutorial and them I move on with other projects. It's fair to say that I didn't learn much at all.