The dynamic programmer
Luca proto-framework

Luca, a quick look at the request object.

I decided to completely isolate Luca from the HttpRequest object and define my own. The main advantage of this approach is that having a pure javascript object, mocking and stubbing is extremely easy, making testing a breeze.

Luca, writing a simple web service.

As a first simple example of using Luca I wanted to write a simple web service that returns json or plain text.

Luca, abstracting the request object.

The JavaScript engine allows for the use of .Net objects inside JavaScript, but I wanted to completelly abstract Luca from anything related to the HttpContext.

Luca - server side JavaScript websites in .Net, choosing the engine.

I wanted a very simple framework more like Sinatra than Rails. Something that make very easy to put together some simple Restful websites. And I wanted to use JavaScript to write my code and be able to run it inside .Net and IIS. But first I needed to find my JavaScript engine.