The dynamic programmer

Installing node.js on Mac OSX.

Installing node.js in two simple steps.

Untokenize, a super simple template for node.

This one is intended to be used in simple apps and libraries.

Distro, helper module to create UPD clients and servers.

This one is a simple module that makes working with UDP even easier.

Xcode license error when installing node.js on Mac OS

The solution is simple, but can take you a moment to think of it.

oEmbed-node, consuming oEmbed providers with node.js.

A new single use module to consume oEmbed providers.

First pull request for curling, increasing buffer size.

Don't you love OSS? I got the first pull request for curling that increase the buffer size for curl.

Who are you, private/public key authentication for connect.

A simple module that implements authentication using a private/public key scheme.

Introducing curling, a simple node wrapper for curl.

A very simple wrapper to run curl in a child process.

node-resources helping modularize your Restify or Express application.

When working on Restify or ExpressJS applications you usually see a file structure based on routes, models and views. I prefer a more modular approach.

Node BitBucket adds support for the user and users endpoint.

More refactorings and initial support for the users endpoint in version 0.0.6.

Adding changeset and followers support to node BitBucket.

In version 0.0.5 I added support for changesets and followers.

Node Bitbucket now includes access to sources.

I added last night access to the src endpoints of the API that allows you to get the content of files and folders.

Node module to access the Bitbucket Api

Just released a very simple node.js module to access the BitBucket API. Early version allows to list repositories or get a single repository and work with Issues.

Introducing Time Traveller, date library for node.js (and javascript).

Dates are a pain. So I started to put together time traveller to try to alleviate that paint while working on node.js.

Dealing with errors on node.js.

JavaScript has the usual try catch construct. In node, that's not always enought.

Three weeks of real node.js development.

I have been playing with node.js for the last year and half, maybe more, but for the last three weeks I have been doing real work with it. We are developing a new product and we decided to give node a try. These are my findings and my experience so far.

Node.js web development with Express

I have been researching node.js and the ecosystem around it. Yes, node has an ecosystem, a very vibrant one if I may say. Today I tried a simple web framework that resembles Ruby's Sinatra by the name of Express.

Starting with Node.js.

Installing node.js First, you need a supported OS, like Linux, Mac or Solaris. I will be doing the install on Ubuntu.Go to the node.js download page download the Gzipped file and extract in a folder of your choice in your disk.