Ruby on Rails 2.0

Published on Dec 25, 2007

The guys from InfoQ have this
very good article
about the release of Ruby
on Rails 2.0

It’s very interesting to notice that 2.0 won’t be fully compatible with the previous
versions of Rails, I don’t have nothing important or too complicated written with
Rails so I don’t expect to have too much trouble upgrading but I will like to see
what is the response of the rails community to this.

Of course a major version upgrade can’t be fully backward compatible with some older
versions of the framework so I don’t see the problem but we usually hear complains
when some other vendors make some drastic changes. The argument can be made that Rails
(and ruby) are open source and free, so you don’t have the same investment than when
you pay tons of money to a vendor for a platform and them  he decides to change
without consulting you.

Worst case scenario you may probably keep running your old Rails app in the old version
of the framework.

I’m personally doing most of my Rails work using the Jruby interpreter
and Netbeans
, the support of this IDE to the framework and the language is very cool, there
is nothing like that so far in all the others I tried, even RadRails (now
supported by Aptana and very much