The dynamic programmer

Rake task arguments are not hashes.

Hope this may save some time to somebody out there.

Metaprogramming ruby, book review.

This is one of the best books I read this year. What can be a fairly complicate subject, explained in such a way that make for a good and very entertainned reading.

Learning about the new stabby lambda syntax in Ruby

This is a very quick post where I highlight my findings on why the new lambda syntax has been introduced on Ruby 1.9 and what are the use cases for it.

Pickle cucumber steps not recognized before creating the model.

The title kind of tell it all. I started to use pickle now for filling up and managing my test with cucumber. Fill up data, etc. Pickle creates some step definitions for you to make things easy, what it's much appreciated.

Test driven outside in, starting with Cucumber and RubyMine.

On my new project I want to start using end to end testing. The idea is to write an specification run it against an outer interface. Gui, Web service, etc. It fails. So you start implementing the feature using TDD until the Spec pass.

Ruby Koans, learning ruby the test driven way.

Probably you are aware of Edgecase Ruby Koans. In case you aren't, let me introduce you to them.

RubyMine, an IDE for Ruby, Rails and so much more.

Ok, first let me be really clear, I'm not a JetBrains fan boy. Yes, I use ReSharper and yes, I also use TeamCity at home as my Continuous Integration server for some of my projects.

The Ruby (and Rails) IDE that I miss

I keep searching for the right IDE for my Ruby and Ruby on Rails adventures. I keep changing and playing around with the ones I had and lately I keep using NetBeans 6.0. Yesterday I decide to try again and after looking at The usual suspects, I found Eclipse for Rails...

A nice little Ruby book

If you are learning Ruby or if you just wander what is all of that about there are a few free online books that you should jump into. Mr. Neighborly's Humble Little Ruby Book is a free e-book from the guys at

Ruby on Rails 2.0

It's very interesting to notice that 2.0 won't be fully compatible with the previous versions of Rails, I don't have nothing important or too complicated written with Rails so I don't expect to have too much trouble upgrading but I will like to see what is the response of the rails community to this.