Adding a logo to ReactBootstrap NavBar.

Published on Mar 10, 2015

This is very simple, but for whatever reason I struggle for a bit. So I'm posting it here in case somebody else finds it helpful.

I wanted to add an icon as the logo to the navigation bar while using ReactBootstrap

The examples on the ReactBootstrap site use a string as the brand attribute.

I took me a bit of trying different things until I decided to take a look at the code of the library.

After a quick look, the solution to this was obvious. The brand attribute is of type React.PropTypes.node

In other words you can do this.

  var icon = (
    <span class="logo">
      <a href="/">
        <img src="/awesome-logo.png" height="33" width="120" alt="text here" /></a>

  <Navbar brand={icon} toggleNavKey={0}>

Et voila! It works!

Not sure if this idiomatic React, so if you know of a better way, please leave a comment below.