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Testing auth bearer headers with nock.

A bit tricker but not impossible.

Adding a logo to ReactBootstrap NavBar.

Use the brand attribute.

Distro transports plug-ins.

I moved support for Redis into another module to exercise the transport plug-in API.

A complete overhaul and tones of improvements on Distro.

From added support to Redis as a transport to bug fixes and various improvements in the API and over all usage experience.

Calculating distance and speed with the GeoLocation API - PhoneGap (Part 9).

We will be making some changes on the application to calculate traveled distance and speed based on duration and the distance between to sets of coordinates.

Deleting files with PhoneGap (Part 8).

On our application we are uploading files to a server, we need to delete the files from the device once we are done..

Displaying current and max speed with PhoneGap and Ionic (Part 7).

I want to display the current and maximun speed of the current session on the home page.

A few different ways to improve user feedback in our Ionic application (Part 6).

Showing upload progress, adding a navigation bar button and improving the user experience.

Adding TCP support to Distro.

The first version only supported UDP time to add TCP.

Ionic new serve task.

Improves your development cycle.

Uploading files with PhoneGap and Angular (Part 5).

We will upload the information we recorded in Part 3 into a service.

Why you need to use a good architecture when writing JavaScript

I'm working in an application originally programmed in 200 by only one developer. I really clever guy that put in place quiet a bit of base code. The original design of the application is not all that bad, but several waves of developers have done maintenance on it.

Prototype and presentation

A great presentation from Thomas Fuchs creator of at A preview of the new 2.0 version of the library on Thomas Fuchs blog. Enjoy!

Refactoring the js code structure PhoneGap and Angular (Part 4).

We are refactoring the code to make sure the services, controllers and directives are well facored.

Recording Geo location data with PhoneGap and Angular (Part 3).

We will be writing our Angular services that encapsulate some of PhoneGap API's.

Building a basic iOS UI using Angular and Ionic (Part 2).

We will start getting comfortable with the Ionic framework.

Building an iOS app with PhoneGap, Angular.js and the ionic framework (Part 1).

We will build an iOS app with web technologies to track outdoor activities.

Installing node.js on Mac OSX.

Installing node.js in two simple steps.

A quick fix for the image gallery

After struggling to get masonry to work properly in multiple devices I choose to go with a different, more classic approach.

Building a Flickr based photos showcase.

Upon the demise of Jux I had to find out where and how to put my pictures. I decided that the best I could do was to build a simple multi layout site myself. (Silly of me)

Functional JavaScript book review

A great book to get into functional programming, JavaScript or both.

oEmbed-node, consuming oEmbed providers with node.js.

A new single use module to consume oEmbed providers.

First pull request for curling, increasing buffer size.

Don't you love OSS? I got the first pull request for curling that increase the buffer size for curl.

Who are you, private/public key authentication for connect.

A simple module that implements authentication using a private/public key scheme.

Introducing curling, a simple node wrapper for curl.

A very simple wrapper to run curl in a child process.

node-resources helping modularize your Restify or Express application.

When working on Restify or ExpressJS applications you usually see a file structure based on routes, models and views. I prefer a more modular approach.

Keeping the global namespace clean with $script loader.

This script has a nice feature that make it very easy to keep the global namespace clean.

Node BitBucket adds support for the user and users endpoint.

More refactorings and initial support for the users endpoint in version 0.0.6.

Adding changeset and followers support to node BitBucket.

In version 0.0.5 I added support for changesets and followers.

Dynamic includes with Angular.js

Take advantage of expression evaluations to dynamically change the includes in your views.

On Vanilla.js and js libraries

On why libraries are here to stay and, at the same time, is good to remember the power of pure JS.

Using includes with Angular.js to organize your UI modules.

Complex web applications will rarely need only one view per screen. Using includes help to separate concerns in your Angular.js apps.

20 recipes for programming Phone Gap by Jamie Munro.

A good book to get you up and running with Phone Gap and JQuery mobile.

Introducing Time Traveller, date library for node.js (and javascript).

Dates are a pain. So I started to put together time traveller to try to alleviate that paint while working on node.js.

Dealing with errors on node.js.

JavaScript has the usual try catch construct. In node, that's not always enought.

Three weeks of real node.js development.

I have been playing with node.js for the last year and half, maybe more, but for the last three weeks I have been doing real work with it. We are developing a new product and we decided to give node a try. These are my findings and my experience so far.

Luca, a quick look at the request object.

I decided to completely isolate Luca from the HttpRequest object and define my own. The main advantage of this approach is that having a pure javascript object, mocking and stubbing is extremely easy, making testing a breeze.

Luca, writing a simple web service.

As a first simple example of using Luca I wanted to write a simple web service that returns json or plain text.

Luca, abstracting the request object.

The JavaScript engine allows for the use of .Net objects inside JavaScript, but I wanted to completelly abstract Luca from anything related to the HttpContext.

JSLint for Visual Studio, Kew a new .Net language and other interesting stuff found on Codeplex

If you do any Js development at all you may want to consider installing this add in for Visual Studio that brings JSLint to the IDE.

Javascript, the good parts, the book.

I look at the table of contents and I knew that I have to have it. I ordered two copies right away, one from my team and one for my personal library. The book came two weeks ago and I'm loving it.

Implementing the Each method in C# collections.

The Javascript library Prototype make use of prototypes to extend some internal JavaScript objects like the Array. One of the extension methods that I find myself using the most is the each method.

The same template in the client and server side.

Prototype is one of the most popular javascript libraries out there and one of the features I really like is the template implementation. When you create an Ajax application there are multiple opportunities to use templates in the client side.