The dynamic programmer

Testing the use of the firebase db

We will mock our Firebase database to test our storage service.

Adding Firebase database to our choo application

Replacing local storage with Firebase was very easy due to our architecture and the ease of use of Firebase.

Choo version 5

Upgrading our tv series application to version 5

Choo form validation.

We will be adding validation to our form and displaying errors to the user.

Choo editing and deleting records.

We are able to add and list records, not we need to be able to edit and delete those records.

Choo saving data in localStorage.

We will use localStorage to store and load our data so it persist between sessions.

Choo cleaning up home page.

We will improve on the previous refactoring where we removed dependencies on the framework.

Choo linting with eslint.

The default application template comes with standard for linting, but I have been using eslint latelly and really like it.

Choo generalizing your elements.

In this post we will refactor the elements to reduce their dependency on the library.

Choo application setup and first elements.

In this post we will build a simple application with choo that list a series of tv shows, we will look at how to use the choo-cli and how to do some testing.