The dynamic programmer

Applying BDD to requirements gathering.

I am an enthusiast of Test Driven Development but sometimes I have the problem that is difficult to know how to start testing. The problem usually is, very ambiguous requirements provided by the client.

Playing with NSubstitute, a new mocking framework for .Net

I heard about NSubstitute on episode 26 of Talking Shop down under. It sounded like an interesting framework with some interesting ideas, so I took it for a spin.

Gherkin editor, syntax highlighting and auto complete to write your stories.

Last Friday I was showing some of the guys at the office how to write user stories with the Gherkin language to been able to use them in either Cucumber or Specflow as executable specifications.

Digging SpecFlow, misspelling Gerkhin files

I'm a proponent of dynamic languages and I love Ruby and Cucumber but I have to admit that this is cool. I was writing a set of specifications with SpecFlow today and suddenly I saw this error in Visual Studio.

Test driven outside in, starting with Cucumber and RubyMine.

On my new project I want to start using end to end testing. The idea is to write an specification run it against an outer interface. Gui, Web service, etc. It fails. So you start implementing the feature using TDD until the Spec pass.

Ruby Koans, learning ruby the test driven way.

Probably you are aware of Edgecase Ruby Koans. In case you aren't, let me introduce you to them.

My new an improved tooling for builds and project management.

I try to be pragmatic in my approach to development and one of the things that change the most are the tools I use to deliver software. There are several reasons why I change tools so often.

Record steps to reproduce a problem on windows 7.

I needed to do some screen captures for a future post I'm writing. This is usually not a problem but in this laptop I don't have an screen capture utility installed.

Lightweight Test Automation Framework June Update

These guys are working hard and given us releases almost every month. I'm happy to see some of the feedback from the community incorporated into the Framework.

Why testing saves time.

Exploring why the detractors of TDD that seen it as a waste of time are just plain wrong.

Lightweight Test Framework, attaching to a new window after

In a previous post I mention about a fix to been able to open a new window both in IE and Firefox using the Lightweight Test Framework.

Microsoft Lightweight Automation Framework- Writing your tests in a different web

This is a quick post. In the samples for the framework the test are written in the same system to test.

Lightweight Test Framework, fixing how to handle

As I mentioned in a previous post I have been playing with the Microsoft Lightweight Test Automation Framework. The Lightweight framework handle alert and confirms without any problem, both in IE and Firefox out of the box.

Microsoft Lightweight Test Automation Framework- Fixing errors

I have been playing with the Microsoft Lightweight Test Automation Framework, that's a mouthful for the Microsoft's Web testing framework.

Refactoring an OS project- take 1

An exercise on improving code we found in a project that we want to use.

You can only refactor when you have a testing suite.

I don't remember if I read this on Clean Code or Refactoring or maybe I just hear it somewhere, but It's so true. It's not that you can't change the code and that you can't apply refactoring techniques.

Using tests as a learning tool

I try to practice TDD most of the time these days. I don't write new code without a test first. A few years ago write the test first was something that I understood from an intellectual point of view but it sounded impractical.

Research on TDD by Microsoft.

There is a nice video on Channel 9 about a study done by Microsoft Research about TDD and it's impact on a real industry scenario. The study was done post mortem, so the developers were not influenced while developing the product.

Watir to run my smoke and regression tests

I have been looking for a tool to drive my web sites smoke and regression test for quite a while, between the tools I used I want to mention Sahi and Selenium, really good tools.

PartCover.Net and CC.Net Part 2 - Making it pretty.

In my previous post I show how to integrate PartCover reports into CC.Net and promise to look into make the reports look a bit nicer and try to integrate the Coverage metrics into the statistics reports. So I dust off my xslt ...

Integrate PartCover.Net and Cruise Control.Net

A few months ago I mentioned that I was using PartCover.Net to measure test coverage in my projects. I have been really busy but I decided that this week I was going to integrate the reports with CC.Net. Cruise Control ships with NCover support o...

ASP.Net Development server in a custom port

During Scott's Hanselmann presentation on Dynamic Data at the TVBUG he show a little trick that I didn't know about and I want to show it here.It always annoy me that every time you click run in a web application using VS it runs using ...

Testing your pages with NunitAsp (and no web controls)

Testing is fundamental to get your code into shape and to be sure that what you are doing is behaving as expected. New methodologies like Test Driven Design (TDD) point to that goal.

PartCover the Code Coverage tool for me

A free tool to do code coverage with a nice GUI for the developers to use, that can be run on the command prompt, that generates nice xml based reports (to integrate with your CC server) and best of all for me) that works fine with Static methods...